Mobile Night Sky - 3 pack

Mobile Night Sky - 3 pack

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When lying on its back, the baby has no other way than look to the sky:

Gaze on the boy holding the moon, or is he hiding it? Needless to say he has the whole moon in his hand - and an entire universe to explorer….

The Watercolour Mobiles are printed on 300gr. paper. Hanging in a linen string with a woolen felt bead and a 4mm. fsc-certified birch plywood star.

Measurements: aprox. 76/100mm. x 200mm.

Made in Denmark by the Loullou team

Loullou cares and want to leave as small a carbon print as possible. Thereforer this aquarelle is printed by  Øko-Tryk. Øko-tryk is run solely on windmill energy and only uses vegetal colors.

Recommended retail prices (RRP): $42 per pcs

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